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Located in Warren, County, New Jersey

A Beautiful, Peaceful Country Cemetery

Pequest Union Cemetery in Great Meadows NJ is a special resting place comprised over 46 acres in Warren County. Set on a plateau surrounded by gently rolling moutains the cemetery has been open since 1889

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More About Pequest Union Cemetery

Pequest Union Cemetery in New Jersey (Warren County) is a beautiful, peaceful, cemetery in the rolling hills of northern New Jersey. The ride to the cemetery is beautiful and the cemetery itself is removed from the hustle and bustle of a busy world. Pequest Union Cemetery offers both in-ground and columbarium (above ground) internment options as well a full list of burial, and ash services. Family plots are available for up to eight family members, and offer a way for a family to be together through the ages. Special cremation benches offer a elegant seating option for the internment of ashes. The cemetery is run by the Pequest Union cemetery Association which hires a full time caretaker and maintains a complete line of maintenance equipment to handle all possible situation. If you seek a quiet, peaceful and affordable place for internment you will find it at Pequest Union Cemetery in New Jersey (Warren County).

Located In Warren County, New Jersey

Our Services

  • Adult Burial
  • Family Plots
  • Adult Ashes
  • Infant Burial
  • Columbarium Niches
  • Cremation Bench Plots

Pequest Union Cemetery
30 Cemetery Road
Great Meadows, NJ 07838