Pequest Union Cemetery Columbarium Information

Above Ground Burial - Columbarium at Pequest Union cemetery

A columbarium is a vault or other structure with recesses in the walls to hold urns containing cremated remains. The Pequest Union Cemetery Columbarium offers an above ground option to intern ashes for those who wish to have their remains in a permanent place, but do not want to be buried under ground (niches can be opened if required). The internment of ashes in these structures dates back to Roman times, and are in use throughout the world today. Each niche has space for two ash burials - as a result each niche at Pequest Union Cemetery will accommodate two urns measuring 5.5" x 5.5" x 7". A bluestone patio with plantings surround the structure and benches provide a comfortable place to sit and reflect peacefully. For pricing please visit our cemetery services page.

The Columbarium At Pequest Union Cemetery in New Jersey
bluestone patio with plantings surround the Columbarium at Pequest Union Cemetery. Comfortable benches offer a quiet way to reflect.
Colmbarium Niche close-up photograph
Each niches has room for two ash urns.

A columbarium internment space at Pequest Union Cemetery offers an elegant and permanent above ground solution to those that do not want to be interned below ground. The space is quiet, reflective and elegant. Each niche has room for two ash containers for those that want to be interned together. Visitors sit on comfortable benches and the entire space is located in a peaceful, quiet section of this beautiful cemetery.