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About Pequest Union Cemetery

On December 26th, 1889 eighteen men met at Leigh’s Hall in Danville (now Great Meadows), Warren County, NJ to form a nonsectarian rural cemetery under the act approved by the State and entitled “An Act to Authorize the Incorporation of Rural Cemetery Associations and Regulate Cemeteries”. On December 28th, 1889, in Belvidere, NJ, the county seat, the Pequest Union Cemetery was officially incorporated before K. F. Albertson, the Commissioner of Deeds for Warren County, NJ. and officially received and recorded on that date by Thomas P. Hopler, Clerk. By motion on February 27, 1890, the official seal of the Association was adopted as a dove in the center with the words, ” The Pequest Union Cemetery Association” in a circle around the dove. Also on this date the Association purchased an eleven plus acre orchard from Simon Cummins along the public road leading from Danville to Barker’s Mill for one hundred ten dollars an acre. On April 18th, 1890, Samuel Stewart was employed as a surveyor to map the northeast section of the cemetery. A committee was formed on October 7, 1890 to formally lay out the plots in the recently mapped cemetery, erect a fence around the cemetery grounds, and, when meeting as the Association, formally adopt the rules and regulations governing the cemetery. With this preparatory work completed, the Pequest Union Cemetery was formally established as a public burying ground on January 24, 1891 with the approval of a deed for purchased plots. At the annual meeting held on November 30th, 1897, the Association approved the construction of an office building, which is still in use today on the cemetery grounds.

The cemetery presently owns forty-six acres of which only about one-third is currently being used as a cemetery. Unused portions are being farmed by local farmers planting hay and corn. As space is needed, the grounds are reclaimed, landscaped, mapped, and offered to the public. Interment spaces are available from a single burial plot up to a maximum of an eight burial plot . The Association hires a full time caretaker and maintains a complete line of maintenance equipment to handle all possible situations.

Pequest Union Cemetery
30 Cemetery Road
Great Meadows, NJ 07838