Cremation Benches At Pequest Union Cemetery

Cremation Benches offer a unique, and elegant way to intern ashes above ground. The ashes are interned within the bench in a space called a niche. Some of the niches are hollow by construction and some niches are created out with a large stone drill. Many of the current Cremation Benches at Pequest Union Cenetery are placed in pockets between trees which provides a particularly private but stately final resting site. The benches are placed on concrete pads which can be covered with stone for a fully finished look. To learn about Cremation Benches, including pricing, please visit our Cemetery Services page.

Picture of a cremation bench at Pequest Union Cemetery
Cremation Benches are a unique way to intern ashed above ground in a quiet, reflective environment.
Another photograph of a cremation bench
Cremation benches come in a number of styles, and colors. Inscriptions are common.